I am a 30-something based out of Connecticut. I am vice president of marketing for Zoey, a B2B eCommerce SaaS solution based out of New York. I have 20 years of web experience, starting with CGI For Me, a pioneer in hosted online services, as well as my own personal and professional projects over the years. I was also employee number one at Pixafy, a web development services provider, and helped grow that company to more than 50 people with its founder. At Pixafy I wore a variety of hats, starting with front-end development and then moving into project management, operations, sales and marketing, sometimes at the same time, a not-unusual situation when it comes to small start-ups. Today at Zoey I oversee our partner relationships, work on our marketing initiatives to draw in customers and partners, maintain our various content channels such as our website and social media, and assist with sales.

My work background is diverse, including more than a decade of freelance and full-time journalism work for publications such as the Connecticut Post and its sister papers under the Hearst Connecticut Media Group umbrella, The Resident and Metroline. I have won numerous journalism awards, and due to a lucky break even had a photo published in The New York Times. More recently had a photo I took appear on CBS 2 news, as well as a variety of major websites, including all three major TV networks.

When I’m not working, I like to keep active. I’m co-president and a board member for the New Haven Pride Center, an LGBT community center in Connecticut. During my time there I’ve helped build the center’s budget through fundraising and worked to establish a scholarship fund, and more recently drove an initiative that led to the hiring of the Center’s first executive director. I also volunteer for the Imperial Sovereign Court of All Connecticut, a nonprofit that uses entertainment as a means to raise funds for other worthy organizations in the state.

I love to learn, discover new areas and expand my horizons. My site will aim to be an extension of that goal, showing off what I’ve done and discovered, as well as talking about things that are pretty cool.

I thank you for checking out the site, and hope you’ll contribute in the comments or by contacting me directly.  And by the way, opinions expressed here are my own, and have not been reviewed or approved by my employer.

(By the way, since we’re talking about “About,” I think it’s important to give a shout out to my close friend Megan McGory. She’s responsible for the awesome pictures of me you see on this page and in the header of the site, and it’s those photos that drove a bit of the initial interest in rebuilding.  If you’re in New England/New York and need photography done, Megan’s a really good choice to consider.)