Alison Gold’s ‘ABCDEFG’ fastest follow-up yet

Somehow I missed that Alison Gold’s already come back with a follow-up hit from Patrice Wilson’s viral hit factory.  And unlike when Nicole Westbrook tried to follow up and failed, Gold’s at least got a “huh?” factor with her latest outing.

This one lives up to the predecessor in terms of randomness of song topic, oddity of music video, Patrice Wilson’s crazy grin and mischievous presence, and Alison Gold’s cheerful personality (which, frankly, probably makes some of this work).  So it’ll probably do better.

Speaking of “huh?” factor though, a co-worker of mine and I tripped across something interesting; it appears Wilson’s dropping in some easter eggs for the more observant among us.  Check out this specific moment, 2 1/2 minutes into “ABCDEFG” (EDIT: The embeds don’t jump to a time, apparently, so until I can fix, just jump to 2 1/2 minutes in… will fix!):

The “huh?” face moment is reminiscent of Westbrook’s “It’s Thanksiving” at the same 2 1/2 minute mark, when Westbrook begins to rap:

Even Patrice Wilson knows he’s throwing out some crazy stuff, but rolls with it nonetheless, and I’m hoping some animated gif memes are coming, if not already available.

And since this post is completely random, let’s end with one of my favorite Nicole Westbrook memes:


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