Great picks from The Littlest Winslow


This post is nothing more than a shameless plug for my friend and old college colleague Nick at The Littlest Winslow, who’s been mentioned here more than once in terms of music selections to which he’s introduced me. (He was the lead inspiration for the Music Other People Like series you find here as well.) Continue reading

If a computer handled redistricting


Every 10 years, when census numbers get updated and shifts are required to ensure “equal representation,” complaints of gerrymandering and district tampering inevitably arise, as humans try to cope with a variety of variables that can lead to all sorts of accusations of favoritism or marginalism. Continue reading

Was leaded gasoline responsible for a surge in crime?


A major spike in crime took place as the 20th century progressed, but then as the century wound down crime statistics declined just as fast as they grew.  What’s the reason for this? While many theories have been proposed, a fascinating BBC article talks about whether the use of lead as an additive in gasoline was a major culprit. Continue reading

New book promises to teach NYC etiquette


New York is a place like no other, and as such there’s different rules by which one should abide.  I for one get really cranky when I get stuck behind slow walkers playing with their cellphones on the sidewalk, or a group of people four across keeping me from getting around them. Actually, I’d just prefer if I could sweep the sidewalks of people altogether sometimes, but that’s not practical.  Instead, I pray people read books like the NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette. Continue reading

New York City, before and after


New York as a city has certainly evolved, even has it retains much of the charm over the years that’s made it a place people have yearned to arrive at and thrive. A Huffington Post article, however, shows some of the inevitable change that happens when smaller businesses get replaced with larger ones, as the city ever changes, in a piece highlighting photos taken by James and Karla Murray for a new book, “STORE FRONT.” Continue reading