Notorious B.I.G. song gains new prominence thanks to remix


The Notorious B.I.G. has been gone for almost 20 years at this point, and while his legacy is strong, efforts to extend that legacy posthumously fell flat in many ways. Many of the tracks only contained small snippets of his rapping, and given they were leftovers, probably wasn’t the strongest material to work with. Continue reading

Mission Zero prepares new release, “People in Glass Yachts”


Regular readers of the blog know I’m a big fan of New Haven-based sibling duo Mission Zero, and have been following their path for a couple of years now. Last fall, they announced they were taking a break from performances to work on some new music, and as winter has finally decided to more or less pack it in, comes word that a new EP is coming out in May. Continue reading

Required listening: Petula Clark’s ‘Cut Copy Me’


Petula Clark is best known for hits like “Downtown” and “A Sign of the Times” during the ’60s, but in her 80s she still has some surprises in store. Last year, a new album of music was released called “Lost in You,” and the lead track, “Cut Copy Me,” is a surprisingly modern selection from the artist. Continue reading

Postmodern Jukebox teams with Christina Gatti to cover ‘Stay With Me’


Scott Bradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox performers continue to impress and delight, but I have to admit I’ve got a particular soft spot for Christina Gatti‘s takes on songs, especially her take on Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love.” So I was excited to see her latest contribution, providing vocals for a cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.” Continue reading