A good hotel can become great with solid Wi-Fi


Awhile back I wrote about the tallest hotel in North America, which is right around the corner from my current office. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to stay there twice. The second time, I had Internet issues, and it turned what was an otherwise comfortable experience into something a bit closer to frustration. Continue reading

Day one: Virginia Beach, a taste of Busch Gardens


As mentioned in yesterday’s post, we were to get going at 3 a.m. It was about 4:30 before my father arrived at my apartment, but no matter; the trip was smooth and uneventful, and we made it to Virginia quickly enough. Continue reading

My vacation will dominate this week


Starting at 3 a.m. today (this post is set for 9:30, so technically we’re on the road now), my family and I will be heading out on the road for a trip to Virginia first, and then, Massachusetts. We’re planning on spending five days in Virginia, seeing Williamsburg (and particularly, Virginia Beach), our old neighborhoods in Hampton and Poquoson, Virginia Beach, and hopefully a Norfolk Tides game in there as well. Then we’ll head to Massachusetts, first to see my grandmother on her birthday, and then to spend a couple of nights on Cape Code in Hyannis and head over to Nantucket for a day.

There’ll be some quieter days than others, but I hope to offer a fun account and thoughts about this year’s trip as a way to break up the blog (and give me something to write about while I’m gone). Let me know what you think in the comments!

Penn Central bankruptcy shows it could always be worse


During Thursday’s Metro-North shutdown, many people on Twitter started railing (for lack of a better term) into the organization for its ongoing troubles over the past few months. The hyperbolic language some took to using on Twitter led some rail enthusiasts to point out that, while troublesome, Metro-North’s recent woes are barely a blip compared to some rail’s worst moments. Continue reading

YouTube has everything: Busch Gardens shows


I waxed poetic about my love of Busch Gardens last year, but thanks to the power of YouTube, it’s never very far away. ¬†There are point-of-view films of people riding the roller coasters, pictures of the various sights and sounds, but one of the things that makes Busch Gardens special is its themed shows. Continue reading

The tallest hotel in North America, right around the corner


Pixafy’s office, where I work, is located at 53rd and 7th in New York. ¬†Right down Broadway (which also runs by our office) is a brand new combination Courtyard by Marriott and Residence Inn (the Residence Inn rooms are on the higher floors). It also happens to be the tallest hotel in North America. Continue reading

My first visit to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta


Last month, I traveled to New Mexico to see family. All of mom’s immediate family has been anchored out there since she was a teen, so the trips tend to be pretty regular with three brothers, and now a niece and nephew (my cousins, although separated by 25 years) to visit. Continue reading

Flying on a new Boeing plane


Recently I flew to Albuquerque to see family and to attend the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta for the first time. Posts about the trip are coming up, but the actual flight part of the trip was eventful for one reason: I had the opportunity to fly on one of American Airline’s newer Boeing planes for the first time. Continue reading

I miss Busch Gardens


Busch Gardens was like a second home for me growing up. Because of my family’s proximity to the park for a number of years when I was little, season passes, and monthly or so trips, were pretty much inevitable. It was impossible to get tired of the park; it was always immaculate, organized, clean and entertaining. Continue reading