Amazon rips open new AutoRip service

I’ve lauded Amazon for a number of its efforts over the years as a company that gets consumers, everything from letting consumers use credit card points to make purchases to their “read anywhere” approach to Kindle books that expand the reading options for eBooks and creating a true ecosystem.  Their latest effort, AutoRip, is yet another consumer-friendly move that will only help their sales figures.

When you purchase a CD (which occasionally I still like to do, especially for certain artists), if AutoRip is available, a copy is automatically added to the cloud.  This means that, although the physical item will take a bit to get to you, the digital copy will become available right away.  That’s pretty awesome and adds value to the purchase of a CD, not to mention it saves time from ripping CDs into a digital format.

My only nitpick: Amazon sent me three emails telling me the same CDs were available from AutoRip in the cloud; it’s an unusual glitch for a company normally so precise.  Initially I had gotten my hopes up that more CDs had populated, but in this case it was just repeat emails.

2 thoughts on “Amazon rips open new AutoRip service

  1. I bought a disc as a gift for my brother one time, and got the AutoRip for myself! Definitely a cool added bonus to buying from an already pretty awesome store.

    • Didn’t even think of that angle – probably would anger a few music industry execs, but a post I’m working on for tomorrow probably has them angrier 🙂

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