Another milestone: 300 posts


Commitment to writing is always a challenge, and it’s certainly been a struggle at times to get here, but a few days after reaching the six-month mark of daily posting, another milestone: 300 posts.

What becomes interesting to me is the fact that I start to see trends amongst the posts I’ve written. So far, my post on Boxerjam’s demise has far and away been the most read post; clearly there’s some interest into what happened to the veteran casual gaming site. Sadly, as of this posting, nothing’s really changed.

Other posts get a low, but consistent, number of reads regularly; a few of you are wondering what Kyla Grogan is up to, and the YouTube has Everything series seems to click with people (perhaps, because as a throwback topic, it hits upon a lot of different subjects that clicks with people).

Whatever it is that brings you here or calls you back, thanks for reading, and I’m looking forward to the next 300!

2 thoughts on “Another milestone: 300 posts

  1. I haven’t been seeing your posts on Facebook as often! I may have to go down your profile page and click LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE so Facebook sends them to me, dammit!

    • Yeah…. I’m backlogged. I have half-written posts up the ying-yang I just need to finish ’em up hahaha I also haven’t been aggressively posting on FB (need to get some automation tools going). Starting to get caught up again though!

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