Chipping in: How all those new credit cards will get issued


For years, credit card companies have been talking about “worldwide” cards that have a chip to allow use in certain countries overseas where a swipe isn’t deemed secure enough. Here in the U.S., that has been considered too inconvenient to switch to a chip and PIN system, that is, until the Target credit card debacle led to some thoughts over whether the protests were a bit too forceful.

Now, of course, Visa and MasterCard are planning on implementing a mandate next year that requires this (or merchants/card issuers be liable for fraud from such situations), so now card companies will have to get new cards issued.  But where do they all come from? has this great piece which, while lacking many details for security reasons, offers a glimpse into the staggering effort involved in switching over (including the stockphile of cards they’ve been producing for awhile for this inevitability). It’s a fun read and a small glimpse behind the curtain of the credit card industry. If you’ve wondered why it’s so hard to get a card replacement in any speedy timeframe, this should help shine some light.


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