Clipping digital coupons with SavingStar


As occasionally referenced here on the blog, I experiment with loyalty and coupon programs.  I look for ways to simply recoup costs.  I continue to be most enamored with Plink, which I’ve accumulated more then $150 back since starting to use it.  But another one I’m beginning to like more is SavingStar.

The concept behind SavingStar is, instead of clipping coupons you then bring with you to the store, you attach savings to your loyalty card.  When purchases are made that qualify, you get a credit in your SavingStar account, and when you reach a certain threshold ($5), you can get a gift card or even a PayPal deposit for the money.

To that end, it’s similar to Plink in that you use an existing card you have, attach offers and earn credit for redemption.  Unlike Plink, it works with grocery items.

One killer feature is the ability to buy a set amount of product over time, and get a credit back.  For instance, one that I collected on was $40 of Weight Watchers’ Smart Ones products, which then triggered a $10 credit.  I timed sales with the supermarkets, and it led me to get the Smart Ones, which many times were $3-$4 a piece full price, for under $1.50 each.  It’s a nice way for me to stock up on quick meals without spending a ton of money.

Some are simple coupons, where you buy x to get y; others are like the Smart Ones promotion above. The nice thing is the variety; the only down side, like Plink (particularly in its earlier days), is the limited number of partners. But for those looking for a very easy way to save, SavingStar is a great program to check out.

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