Facebook, 10 years later


Yesterday, Facebook celebrated the 10th anniversary of its launch.  Initially rolling out to colleges before opening itself to the wider public, the social network has become an ever-present, with more than 1 billion active accounts, a remarkable feat given the number of issues it had over the years with privacy concerns, monetization, going public and even the near-revolt they first face when letting high school students on (for college students, that was nearly a cardinal sin).

Slate marked the anniversary with an article describing the various efforts the company made over the years, and Facebook itself marked the anniversary with a timeline noting its own achievements and a video builder creating “A Look Back” at a user’s biggest moments (an evolution of the packages it lets users build of their top content at the end of each year).

The company hasn’t stopped evolving during this time, and the site has shown no signs of fading anytime soon, but ubiquity sometimes comes with the risk that something new and shiny will grab peoples’ collective attention.  Still, it’s never a bad thing to be the incumbent: Just ask Microsoft.


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