I’m woefully behind in listening to Never Not Funny: The Jimmy Pardo Podcast, a pioneer program that recently brought back free audio (a post directly about the podcast in general will follow soon), but there was a concept mentioned on an episode I was listening to recently brought up the term “Forcebook,” which I think is brilliant.

The concept is someone posts something like “Wish me luck!” or “I hope I get it!”, or perhaps on the other side “I can’t believe they did that to me!” and someone feels ultimately forced to respond, “What happened!”  The general gist is that someone’s forcing you via an emotional post to interact, hence “Forcebook.”

They brought up an example of a very casual friend, someone you don’t really know, and yet being absolutely curious about what’s going on nonetheless. I love the term, and it falls into the same bucket as an old chestnut from the show, a “Lazy Baker,” a term for 11 items (just as a baker’s dozen is 13).


The show is released for free on audio once a week; premium subscribers get two shows a week in both audio and video. A premium version has existed for many years, and I’ve purchased every season, as well as seen the show live when they came to New York (that’s me with host Jimmy Pardo, above, from that night). To check out the free feed, visit Earwolf.

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