Kindle users, your settlement has finally arrived!


For those following along here on the blog, my last post on the ebook settlements noted that we should see some movement on the settlement payouts by April.  Sure enough, this morning Amazon emailed me, along with other Kindle owners, to announce the credit had been deposited and was available.

To be honest, given all the talk about increasing payouts and all five publishers settled, I guess I was hoping for more than $25.34, which could go to just a couple of books.  On the other hand, I’ve increasingly been taking advance of the inexpensive Kindle specials, which many times yield some awesome reading material for a couple of dollars, and that may provide a lengthy runway for the settlement I received.  Either way, it’s nice to finally see a bit of closure on that front.

One interesting side note is although the credit must be used for books, it can be used for printed books, which does broaden the options a bit.

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