Marking a set of anniversaries


Yesterday, I noted that I moved from Virginia to Connecticut 20 years ago this month. It occurred to me earlier this month that a number of personal milestones fall in June, for whatever reason; not just graduation from high school and the obvious stuff, but bigger things.

The move from Virginia had a long-lasting impact on me; it took me many years to appreciate the northeast.  The area of Virginia I grew up was rich with history (Jamestown, an area of which is seen above, along with Yorktown and Colonial Williamsburg), a segment of NASA, a large Navy area, great sights like Virginia Beach, and the gorgeous Busch Gardens Williamsburg, which I’ll write about another day as that place specifically holds all kinds of memories.

I somewhat resented everything about Connecticut for some time; it didn’t feel kid friendly like Virginia is, and naturally now that I can move around as an adult and do things I couldn’t before, I am much happier her and enjoy it quite a bit, as well as of course access to New York and Boston (the former of which I work and the latter of which I’ve enjoyed regular visits to my entire life).

Similarly, 15 years ago had a pretty monumental change for me, as that, very shortly after I came online, was when I started regularly using, and heavily contributing to the forums of, CGI For Me, which my current boss, Uri, founded.  The unique working relationship we formed then, and have evolved to what exists now, remains an amazing thing to me, and has opened all sorts of doors and opportunities.  The move to Connecticut facilitated that relationship in some ways, so clearly it ended up for the best.

It was eight years ago this month I accepted my first full-time job, working for The Resident, a job that to this day remains the one I worked the shortest amount of time.  I learned a lot at that job, even in my short time there, which has served me well in my current position today. It gave me my first insight into working for a small business, and what that can be like, including the challenges that can exist.

Of course, I graduated from high school 13 years ago this month. That feels like it might’ve been 100 years ago, the way things have moved so quickly.  But that was a radical turning point in my life, where I finally broke out of some things and started to really become who I am.

Finally, it was 16 years ago this month we adopted Scruffy, who we lost only recently.  I still have to finish up and back date that post, but I’m finding it hard even now thinking about her. I miss her.  But it will be done soon.

I guess, in theory, any particular month could be picked and some important events could have happened then (maybe this’ll be a monthly thing haha), but the first two in particular have always felt like big changes in my life, changes that still effect who I am now. As such, before the month winds down, it feels right to just recognize them as things move forward.

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