Mission statement

To determine what this space will do, it first helps to understand how I got here. Why did I begin to dust off the domains after years of neglect and start again now?  Well, there’s a couple of reasons.

  • I miss writing. In the two years since I moved back into web development, my ability to write aboutvarious things has increasingly been strained.  I wanted an informal way to talk about things, but wanted a bit of ownership.  I’d done blogs at places like the Connecticut Post, and still occasionally post on a LiveJournal account that’s locked down, not to mention some music writing at Metroline, but I didn’t have any sort of regular outlet I could call my own.
  • Blogging is fun. During my final year full-time at the Post, I challenged myself to post at least one new entry daily for a year.  With a few hiccups, I was able to maintain that pace for close to that, although leaving full-time employment there was the final nail in the coffin.  I did a few occasional updates in the month after I left, but that’s about it.
  • I like having an outlet to talk about cool things. Facebook and Twitter seem too short, other outlets I have didn’t seem right.  Simple enough.
  • Practice is good. I increasingly don’t code sites anymore because of my job responsibilities, and this helps keep me in practice. I got to play with some CSS 3 and responsive design on this site, although I’m sure there’s bugs galore right now, and it’s helped me see what types of pros and cons those bring to the front in a new way.

So now that this is in place, the next question: what will it be?  What will drive the feeling of this site?  Initially, here’s where I think it comes from:

  • Previous blogs. I think the spirit of The Buzz will initially be a driver; some of the posts here will likely link back to the threads I had begun there, such as disgusting food and cool technology.
  • Web trends. This will likely cross-pollinate with the Pixafy content efforts, but sometimes things won’t be appropriate there or I can talk here about different elements that may not fit in with what we’re doing there.
  • Lolz. Of course.  And more broadly, cool, funny and otherwise awesome stuff from around the web.
  • A bit of the personal. This won’t replace the LiveJournal, but I would expect friends and family to blend in a bit; it is a personal site, after all.  People have said they find the commuter posts on Facebook/Twitter to be amusing, and I expect a bit of that will bleed in here, given I expect to be doing some of the writing from the train.
  • Daily posting. There’s a discipline to pulling this off, with some cheater techniques because some days are busier than others, but I really want to make this happen again.  It’s fun, it makes me observe a bit more of what’s going on around me, and I think it’ll lead to some good stuff.

I of course will be keeping an eye on feedback and other sources as we get going, with an eye towards refining the mix.  Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy what’s to come!

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