Six months, daily posts: Half way there.


Eighteen months ago, when I kicked off this site, I had a goal of trying to post daily. I made it a few weeks, but ultimately didn’t make it that far, although I did manage to update the site at a pace that yielded 100 posts for the first year. At the one-year anniversary, I decided to try again.

There’s been an occasional bout of catch-up, and there’s one glorious day so far where I was so far ahead I posted a second post in a day, but the end result is at least one post per day for the past six months, which I’m really proud of. It’s also been fun to look through things and see the eclectic nature of the posts, as well as the threads that have ultimately cropped up.

This happened the last time I had this experiment, for a blog I did for the Connecticut Post, and ultimately led to a series of fun posts around food, consumerism and more. This time around, game shows, commuting and even beer have become a bit of a thread. I also ended up with a series, “YouTube has everything,” which, while I didn’t design it that way, has become my site’s version of Throwback Thursday. (It’s got its own category now, given that I’m 20 posts in and don’t see any signs of it going away anytime soon.)

Another side effect of the daily posting is I end up creating drafts of things I don’t have time to write, but plan on doing so later. I have enough topics for Christmas Present for 2014 to not even need new additions when the time comes (an impossibility, given I always find new songs to add each year). As I write this (in advance; another benefit of the daily scheduling push) I also was behind on a few topics that could help continue to propel me forward.

It’s a fun experiment, and the site’s actually drawing a bit of traffic, but ultimately it’s just designed to be a fun outlet to express myself and some of my various interests. I look forward to completing the year-long experiment, and see where it goes from there.

2 thoughts on “Six months, daily posts: Half way there.

  1. I sometimes try to do daily posts M-F, and sometimes I’ll nail it for like 2-3 weeks, but then life happens and I go dark for like 7-10 days….whoops! Coming off one of those bouts and trying to kick it up again. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. Or something.

    • I’ve been cheating lately; a couple of posts go up on a schedule and I sometimes “fill in” posts when I fall behind (like I have lately). But at least I’m still at it, and I have a LOT of good topics saved in my drafts folder… just gotta write!

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