Mastering a domain… and proving it

old-jjo-webpagesMy site in 2003. Technically, it was my site in 2012 too, before I finally rebuilt it last fall.

I┬árecently encountered an article written by someone who claimed that knowing if someone’s an Internet expert could be vetted by how old the domains they own or have built are. ┬áIf someone’s really a master, they would likely have been working online for a very long time, and have at least a couple of domain names to prove it. Continue reading

New site is live!

It’s been nine years since I last redesigned my personal site, which was deep in college land. In 15 years of doing websites this is the first time my personal site is on a CMS (my “commercial” site, INPursuit, has been on one for seven years, but it too is in dire need of an update). This is also one of my first forays into designing a site; I’m sure I’ve trended into cliche enough with the design, but I got to try some newer techniques, which is always a good thing.

I’ve already got some plans for the blog, and the site itself will expand a bit (portfolio samples of my print/web work, an actual resume) but it’s great to have this at least up and running! Thanks for joining me for this latest venture.