Jam and Candy reunites the original Boxerjam team


One of my post popular posts on the blog so far is about the demise of Boxerjam, an early leading gaming platform site that created interactive online “game shows” that people could play with friends and other online users, gameplay which remains somewhat unique and elusive more than a decade later. A notable fact was it was founded by Julann Griffin, who, while wife to Merv Griffin, was credited with co-creating Jeopardy! She’s long been credited with asking Merv why he didn’t flip the standard Q&A and give the answers, and have people provide the questions? Continue reading

Required viewing: ‘Only Connect’


My love of gameshows has probably come through by now here on the site.  When it comes to trivia, the king of the past few decades has arguably been “Jeopardy!,” which makes sense as it’s the most straight-ahead quiz show, and it’s persevered in ways that most don’t, with editions around the world. Sure, there’s shows like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” but while the amounts of money offered are surely impressive, the intensity level is of a different sort. Continue reading