The real facts behind that McDonald’s coffee lawsuit

The McDonald’s spilled coffee story and lawsuit that came out in the 90s endures somehow, a prime example of a story going viral long before Twitter and Facebook existed.  Yet while some are lamenting the problems that the immediacy of social media brings and the major pitfalls we’re failing to avoid, it’s not an exclusively online problem, either.

The New York Times, in a compelling video presentation, takes a fresh look at the lawsuit Stella Liebeck filed after she was burned by McDonald’s coffee, and the aftermath of the suit, which sought just enough to cover medical expenses after McDonald’s refused to offer assistance. It’s a fascinating look at a story we all think we know, but probably don’t, and also show the troubles Liebeck faced when she was turned into a joke by comedians, skeptical journalists and people unfamiliar with the actual story. It’s an interesting look at the aftermath of the suit and what happened to her, and well worth a few minutes of viewing time.

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