A logical extension to puzzle apps


I’ve written here previously about my puzzle solving during my work commute. In the past few months I’ve reconnected with Penny Press and Dell puzzle magazines, which is how I got my start in puzzle solving at the age of 10 when my dad bought me a Dell puzzle magazine to keep me occupied during a flight.

I’ve been more inclined to stick with paper, after a period when I was solving Ken Ken and other puzzles on an iPad but found it somehow not quite as satisfying at the time. Part of the problem, I believe, is it was missing some of the variety of puzzles a puzzle magazine can offer. Slowly, we’re getting there thanks to a proliferation of apps that have been popping up.

Egghead Games has translated Penny Dell’s awesome logic problems into a beautiful app, which includes both free puzzles to get going and downloadable puzzle packs to keep you going. I’ve been into the logic puzzles as of late, so it’s great to see this offering. Egghead Games has other options, such as Acrostics and Cryptograms, so they’re clearly a friend of the puzzler’s family.

Meanwhile, Penny Dell themselves has a set of apps, which are listed at the Puzzle Nation website. Their core puzzle set of Word Search, Crossword and Sudoku are represented. They actually had playable games there for awhile, such as Tanglewords (another favorite), but they appear to sadly be gone at this point. As such, until more apps spring up, I’ll have to make do with ordering the paper books off their website. (Be sure to like their Facebook page, too, as they offer discounts from time to time.)

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