Mourning the death of the iPod Classic


I’ve been using various iPod Classic models for more than a decade now; I prefer the controls, especially when driving or commuting, as I don’t have to look at the device to perform certain actions – it’s intuitive thanks to the four buttons on the scroll wheel. The iconic scroll wheel was even parodied by The Onion in a viral video.

Sadly, the classic finally met its demise this year, due to Apple’s inability to continue sourcing the parts needed to build the device. Paste Magazine paid tribute to the iPod Classic and how it changed the way people consumed music, as well as the music industry itself. It’s a great read and an interesting look back.

Other parts of the iPod line rolls on, but the storage capacity for flash-based devices has never caught up with the Classic, my biggest challenge. My current one survives for now, but I’m dreading the day when it decides it’s had enough and I’m forced to move on.

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