Kristen Bell can do no wrong: Mary Poppins edition


It seems like Kristen Bell has the golden touch as of late. Whether she’s appearing on Craig Ferguson as one of his favorite guests, killing it in “Frozen,” bringing back Veronica Mars in movie form, or adding crazy value on Maya Rudolph’s backdoor pilot for a variety show, she’s been firing on all cylinders.

The latest is her playing the role of Mary Poppins singing about minimum wage, and it’s a spot-on impression by the talented actress and singer. It’s another home run for Bell, who’s been racking up goodwill with characteristic humor and class.

2 thoughts on “Kristen Bell can do no wrong: Mary Poppins edition

    • I wrote it in part because of you; you sort of put me on Kristen Bell watch and I just keep finding myself entertained by each thing she puts out there, so it was time for a mention. (I snuck a link to you in the Veronica Mars reference; I had nothing and I knew you had a post.)

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