New book promises to teach NYC etiquette


New York is a place like no other, and as such there’s different rules by which one should abide.  I for one get really cranky when I get stuck behind slow walkers playing with their cellphones on the sidewalk, or a group of people four across keeping me from getting around them. Actually, I’d just prefer if I could sweep the sidewalks of people altogether sometimes, but that’s not practical.  Instead, I pray people read books like the NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette.

There’s a lot of things that frustrate the average New Yorker, such as the person who hogs the subway pole, or the one who stops right at the bottom or top of a narrow staircase in or out of the subway. The book also offers tips for people to avoid scams and such, but really, even a quick primer on how to get along in a city like New York will be helpful to many not wise to the ways of the five boroughs.

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