Peanuts revival looks promising


For me, animated films are hit or miss.  Some look really cool, others don’t impress me. So when I saw that a trailer for a Peanuts movie coming next year, I was curious, although concerned, given that creator Charles Schultz had passed and it was his unique vision that made the characters so special. Based on the trailer, my concerns are, for now, allayed.

First off, the animation, despite being modernized, is incredibly faithful to Schultz’s creations, properly augmented and animated to retain the look and feel of the classic movies and cartoons while ensuring it looks like it’s a current production.  The voices of the characters match their predecessors.  It looks and feels beautiful.

This is clearly an effort with great care taken; Schultz’s son is said to be involved in the production as well, so Blue Sky Studios, who is responsible for the movie, is doing the right thing here.  Hopefully the final output matches the preview, but so far, it’s getting me excited to see a reintroduction of the classic characters.

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