Required listening: Chelsea Lankes’ ‘Secret’


Spotify has increasingly been a source of new music for me (thanks to my car radio recently totally breaking), and it was on one of their playlists I recently tripped across this awesome song by Chelsea Lankes, which has been out for a bit but I continue to enjoy.

“Secret” is a love song that rides a relentless mid-tempo groove to its conclusion. The slightly racy music video pairs well, but for me it’s the song that’s the star here. Lankes’ vocals are ingratiating and seductive, and the song itself has a pretty chill vibe.

Additional listening

In the process of writing this post, I began exploring Lankes’ tracks a bit deeper and found myself digging more of what she’s put out there. While I think “Secret” is the star, there’s others worth taking a look, such as “Ghost,” above.

Both of those tracks let a electronic vibe carry the day, but for something more organic, check “Let Love Be” out – another midtempo winner, it has more live instrumentation, featuring guitars, piano, and drums prominently. There’s a bit of added touches, but it’s more straight ahead by comparison.

One thought on “Required listening: Chelsea Lankes’ ‘Secret’

  1. I started listening with Secret, which was I think in my Spotify recommendations because I started listening to Carly Rae Jepsen, which was recommended to me by Anthony Fantano. Secret is good but Ghost became my favorite of hers.

    If you like her, try Glades. Specifically, Drive. As well as “Speeding” by Lights.

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