Bob Barker can still make a game exciting


This week, as with previous years, The Price is Right had a little fun on April 1 for April Fool’s Day. In recent years, they’ve moved beyond “accidents” with prizes and models into more creative territory. This year, while not so much a joke, may have been one of the more fun ideas, however: How about Bob Barker walk out the doors instead of Drew, and play a game with a contestant?

Barker may now be in his 90s, but he shows why he was a master of audience participation games for a half decade, wringing a ton of fun and suspense out of the simple Lucky Seven game. He cracked jokes alongside the contestant, and many of the classic Barkerisms came out in a few short minutes. Given he’s been away from the show for seven years, he fell back into things quite easily, and it was quite fun to watch.

Looking at other clips, where Drew sounds just a bit disinterested during some of the festivities, it’s great to see Barker back in action.

Additional viewing

Last year was a pretty enjoyable round too, with Craig Ferguson and Drew Carey switching jobs for a day, and featuring Shadoe Stevens returning to his game show announcing ways in place of George Gray.

In 2013, they let the models take over, and Drew and George modeled.

This week has actually been a viral-heavy week. Manuela, one of the models on the show, accidentally revealed the winning price too soon, leading to an automatic win for the contestant. In the aftermath, she hid behind the prop, embarrassed by her mistake. (On Twitter she confirmed that the producers didn’t hold it against her.)

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