Required listening: Kim Sozzi returns with ‘Never Say Goodnight’


A couple of years ago, it seemed like Kim Sozzi could do no wrong. She had a series of strong dance hit, a surprisingly varied album of solid dance tracks, and was building an audience on a label that was proving white hot, Ultra. Fast forward another year and things fell apart quickly.

Fortunately, Sozzi is too big a talent to give up, and Nervous Records saw an opportunity. Back in top form, Sozzi has a new track, “Never Say Goodnight,” which starts off quite subtly and builds to a crescendo in the chorus that propels the song forward. This track highlights Sozzi nicely, and the song is among her stronger ones, so hopefully it gives her a chance to rally.

Additional listening

Sozzi’s peak is probably “Feel Your Love,” which was among the most accessible tracks she did – not too heavy a dance track, solid vocals and harmonies, and a simple, easy to sing along to chorus. She had also had some success with a cover of Heart’s “Alone” the prior year, and had a track produced by Cascada, “Break Up,” that also made waves.

She tried to diversify her sound with the second album, which ultimately became a pair of disappointing EPs. Sozzi’s dabbled in other musical genres in the past (her career is actually 15 years deep at this point, going back to her first dance hit, “Feelin’ Me”), but the dance community is where she’s seen her biggest success, so it makes sense that she returned there to reboot.

She also spent a bit of time with Mynt, where she also found success with the song “How Did You Know.” She ultimately left that group to restart her solo career, leading to songs like “Feel Your Love.”

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