Sounds of the Seventies: Pharrell Williams edition


Last year, Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk unleashed a surprising left turn with the instrumentally-driven disco number “Get Lucky.” It was a great return for both Daft Punk and Pharrell, who had been quiet for awhile leading up to it.

Pharrell’s career, meanwhile, has rebounded thanks to the song, with “Happy” now making the rounds.  But it’s a second collaboration between Daft Punk and Pharrell that’s got my ears perked.

It’s another 70s throwback track, “Gust of Wind,” that once again hits the mark perfectly with a laid-back vibe that sounds as much in the now as in the then; the Daft Punk roboticized vocals return, and the track itself is pure perfection.

It surely creates some excitement for Williams’ album, which is coming up Tuesday.

Gust of Wind feat. Daft Punk

2 thoughts on “Sounds of the Seventies: Pharrell Williams edition

  1. Listened to the Pharrell album twice. It’s just OK. But you def chose the best song here. I think he’s usually stronger when he contributes or produces for other artists?

    Damn this track is catchy though.

    • I haven’t given the album a full listen yet (hence no review), but I’m definitely digging the 70s vibe of the two Daft Punk collaborations. It really invokes a different era beautifully!

      As an aside, I got really giddy when I saw your comments. I actually made a note last night about making sure I caught up on your blog this week (I see you’ve kept up your posting schedule!), so expect a similar deluge from me 🙂

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