Those crazy hipsters and their facial hair implants


Deception in the form of a beard isn’t anything new to those in the gay community, but this is a brand new form of it that’s both amusing and a bit crazy to me.

When I read this article in the New York Post about people getting facial hair implants so they can grow a beard, it seemed both obvious and ridiculous.

People are spending beaucoup bucks to implant hair on their face so they can grow out some stubble and perhaps a hipster beard, as the article snarks.  But frankly, with plastic surgery and operations covering all sorts of other areas, I guess it makes as much sense as collagen injections or breast implants – if people want to achieve a certain look and have the bank balance to achieve it, I guess more power to ’em.

Me? I have the opposite problem. My facial hair grows quickly and I don’t like to shave. It’s a burden I’ll live with.

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