Spinning the blog back up


It’s been a quiet couple of months here at the blog, but anything but in my life. The first quarter means a ton of activity for me, and the last two years I somehow fought through everything and kept posting, but this year, decided to take that pressure off (even though it’s fun in its own right to work on it and write things up) and focus on the other things, and circle back when things calmed down. Then, I got sick. My normal 24-48 hours of truly knocked out illness, and an unusually long battle against the cough that wouldn’t die (movie treatment coming soon).

So, the hiatus was a bit longer than expected, but for those of you who are checking back in to see if I’m back, here I am, and posts are resuming in earnest. The good news is that the world was as busy as I was, so I’ve stockpiled subjects during the hiatus that will inspire me to post regularly, even if it’s about stuff you might’ve seen a few weeks back, but are still cool to me. Over time the new stuff will begin to conquer again and we’ll be back to normal.

One other thing – I added a contact form (finally) to the site; I’m still working out the kinks, but effectively you can now also send me a private message, not just leave something in the comments.

Glad to be back, and looking forward to sharing some great stuff!

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