Mourning the death of Boxerjam


Like many who were early to the Internet, I had for a time an AOL account, and became a big fan of some of the online multiplayer games that existed. ┬áThere was Slingo, of course, which has survived well and is around and kicking, but another suite of games that existed was Boxerjam’s games, which included both daily games called “The Puzzle Zone” and an online suite of game shows, which were created by Julann Griffin, wife of “Jeopardy!” creator Merv Griffin. Continue reading

YouTube has everything: ‘You Don’t Know Jack’ TV show

In yesterday’s post I waxed nostalgic about “You Don’t Know Jack,” an awesome trivia game that has made a resurgence in recent years. ┬áBut many may not remember the short-lived TV version that aired on ABC for just six episodes in the summer of 2001. Continue reading

Classic You Don’t Know Jack goodness, thanks to Steam

you-dont-know-jack I had become aware of it when it first happened, but over the break I was finally able to act: most of You Don’t Know Jack’s classic editions had been re-released! In high school and college I spent countless hours playing the game “where high culture and pop culture collide,” so I was excited to get my hands on the classic editions again. Continue reading