The Bird and the Bee reappear, with help from Matt Berninger


I missed this one initially when it came out in February, but better late than never: While The Bird and the Bee have been working towards an album that may see the light of day this year, a new track surfaced on the “Endless Love” soundtrack, featuring additional vocals from The National’s Matt Berninger.

“All Our Endless Love” has the hallmarks of Greg Kurstin’s production, but Berninger’s vocals elevate this to something a bit more special. The piano-driven track captures a beautiful mood, and Inara George’s vocals make a welcome return.

Meanwhile, Berninger’s somewhat sullen vocals remind me a bit of the duet Kylie Minogue did with Nick Cave, “Where the Wild Roses Grow,” which had a dark-sounding tenor to it although for a much different reason.

If this is a first sample of what to expect on their next album, I can’t wait. Check out the YouTube video near the top of this post to take a listen.

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