‘Threes!’ is an addictive new iOS game


When it comes to puzzles and games, I have generally a simpler approach in some ways.  I tend to favor older arcade games such as Ms. Pac-Man to more complicated modern fare; I like puzzles (in particular Puzz-3D) and am more apt to buy logic puzzle books and magazines than I am a Playstation 4. So when a logic-based game comes out from iOS and gets good reviews, I tend to take notice, and Threes! is right up my alley.

Threes! is one of those simple to understand, hard to master games that is amazingly fun to play.  You pair a 1 and 2 together using swiping motions to move the blocks; when paired, they make 3. Two threes make a 6, two sixes a 12, etc. Each swipe brings another square on the screen, so if you’re not making enough pairs it will eventually come to an end when you can’t make room for another square.

The nature of the game gives it exceptionally high replay value, and its simplicity means it can be fun for kids and adults alike.  At $1.99, it’s worth every penny and then some. The game is available for iOS.

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