Mourning the death of the iPod Classic


I’ve been using various iPod Classic models for more than a decade now; I prefer the controls, especially when driving or commuting, as I don’t have to look at the device to perform certain actions – it’s intuitive thanks to the four buttons on the scroll wheel. The iconic scroll wheel was even parodied by The Onion in a viral video. Continue reading

A font change that set the Internet abuzz


Twitter made waves recently when it decided to roll out a more modern font as its primary typeface. Many sites do it, but the ubiquity of Twitter made the decision more prominent, enough so that they even announced it on their support handle. Continue reading

Exploring the evolution of a neighborhood


I’ve written here about New York’s evolution, but neighborhoods all around the world inevitably change and evolve with the communities, with people and businesses coming and going. A new feature from Google’s Street View lets you see the changes that have occurred in a neighborhood by comparing pictures from various time periods. Continue reading

From big budgets to guerilla games


The enormous budgets of A-list video game titles, and the risks they bring, along with huge successes by indie publishers like the successful Threes! game written about here earlier, have encouraged game companies to think smaller when it comes to a portion of their release schedule. Continue reading

Powdered alcohol draws attention, ire


This just seems like it’s asking for it: A company has received approval to bring a line of powered alcohol to market in the coming months, which is supposed to make creating mixed drinks either, but in an era of Four Loko and other drinks that had unintended side effects, I can only imagine what this could do. Continue reading

High speed fiber in New York still a pipe dream for many


With the infrastructure of New York being as old as it is, it’s probably no surprise that much of it is aging. Indeed, I’ve mentioned here the challenges the city has faced in other areas of that category, but I was a bit surprised, although I’m not sure I should’ve been, to learn that when it comes to wiring the city with modern fiber optics for high-speed internet and the like, challenges persist as well. Continue reading

‘Threes!’ is an addictive new iOS game


When it comes to puzzles and games, I have generally a simpler approach in some ways.  I tend to favor older arcade games such as Ms. Pac-Man to more complicated modern fare; I like puzzles (in particular Puzz-3D) and am more apt to buy logic puzzle books and magazines than I am a Playstation 4. So when a logic-based game comes out from iOS and gets good reviews, I tend to take notice, and Threes! is right up my alley. Continue reading