YouTube has everything: WestJet’s Christmas miracles


For the second year, WestJet, a Canadian airline, has pulled out all the stops for a deservedly viral video that shows what the true meaning of Christmas can feel like when a group of people get together and make wishes come true.

The premise to each is similar. A video screen is set up in a public location and Santa asks people what they want. Then a massive wave of WestJet employees fan out and grab the gifts, surprising those people with the gifts.

In last year’s video, they did it within their own airport terminals, buying the gifts while people were in the air. But this year’s video takes them out of Canada to the Dominican Republic (a destination where they fly), and helped a town there by fulfilling their requests.

Both videos are pretty inspirational and shows the power of giving. During a time of year that can easily get overpowered by one-day sales and crowded parking lots, it’s also good to remember other elements of the season and how uplifting it can be. Kudos to WestJet for providing a reminder (and not bad marketing while they’re at it).

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