Bought it in print? Get a digital copy.


Awhile back, I wrote about a technology that let Amazon provide customers a digital copy of CDs previously purchased through the service.  That service is now expanding to Kindle copies of books previously bought in print. The catch with the MatchBook service is that in many cases customers will need to pay a small fee to get the Kindle copy, but the fee (when required) will range between 99 cents and $2.99.

While many publishers haven’t gotten on board just yet, it seems somewhat inevitable they will – the extra revenue selling another copy of the same book seems too good to resist.  And for those of us looking to prune back bookshelves, this offers a great opportunity. With more than 15 years of book purchases archived, this could be a big deal for the more voracious readers among us.

With this move, Amazon continues to be creative in ways of making eCommerce more customer friendly. It’s not hard to realize that companies like Barnes & Noble are struggling as Amazon continues its ascent.

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