Exploring the evolution of a neighborhood


I’ve written here about New York’s evolution, but neighborhoods all around the world inevitably change and evolve with the communities, with people and businesses coming and going. A new feature from Google’s Street View lets you see the changes that have occurred in a neighborhood by comparing pictures from various time periods. Continue reading

YouTube has more everything: Video quality report


Netflix has for years provided reports about the quality of networks and how that’ll affect your ability to stream video, and now Google is getting in the game with their Video Quality Report, which lets you know how a provider’s doing and what level quality of video you can count on when watching video. Continue reading

The growing irrelevance of the news homepage


In the Internet’s early days, the homepage was king: Companies like Yahoo! fought to have the most relevant landing page for users. The hope was they’d make it their start page when opening their browser, and spend a long time on their sites, consuming content and features. Continue reading

A subscription for everyone, if the price is right


I previously wrote here about subscription fatigue, and the challenges of people controlling budgets with an ever-growing array of subscription options.  About two weeks ago I began a new round of audits to make sure I wasn’t paying for something I hadn’t been using as of late, and terminated a couple of subscriptions I could no longer justify. Continue reading

Weaponized clickbait and why you click


Yesterday I noted how things like “pollen vortex” are driving news outlets because they get people to click.  Coincidentally, I then tripped across this article at The Verge about how many news outlets are increasingly relying on modules with titles like “You May Also Like” to get people to keep reading (either on their own site, or through others, where they’ll get money for the click). Continue reading

YouTube has everything: The Richard Bey Show

At the height of the trash talk show mania, one stood out for me even amongst the many others: The Richard Bey Show. Produced by WWOR in the New York area and syndicated nationally, I became aware of it as a teenager once my family moved to the tri-state area, and for awhile, like many, I was hooked. Continue reading

Flight attendant turned comedian: The safety speech evolved

I’ve posted here about safety presentations and things airlines like Delta are doing to modernize them. Southwest has long had a history of flight attendants with good senses of humor and a bit of playful fun, but a video going viral this week takes the cake in a very good way. Continue reading

YouTube has everything: Classic SCTV sketches


While Saturday Night Live has lasted for nearly 40 years now, there was a point, as the original cast was moving on, that another show was set up to potentially supplant it. It didn’t succeed, but the legacy of SCTV lives on, and thankfully some of the classic bits are readily available thanks to the Internet. Continue reading