Flight attendant turned comedian: The safety speech evolved

I’ve posted here about safety presentations and things airlines like Delta are doing to modernize them. Southwest has long had a history of flight attendants with good senses of humor and a bit of playful fun, but a video going viral this week takes the cake in a very good way.

This seems pretty well rehearsed, but it’s clear this flight attendant enjoys a good joke and sharing it with the passengers, who ate it up.  It’s really fast paced, and the jokes are dense and well packed, yet the information isn’t lost; in fact, most passengers’ familiarity with what should come next makes what actually comes next to be so amusing.

Her enjoyment of the recitation and the jokes within clearly make this video; many times the presentation on a flight comes off as boring and lacking excitement, and it can be hard to breathe life into it, but she does it here with gusto – bravo!

Meanwhile, Betty White and Gavin MacLeod did their own take on the safety video for Air New Zealand, and while the script is a bit lacking, it’s hard to dislike Betty White in just about anything she does, so it’s still a fun watch.

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