Flight attendant turned comedian: The safety speech evolved

I’ve posted here about safety presentations and things airlines like Delta are doing to modernize them. Southwest has long had a history of flight attendants with good senses of humor and a bit of playful fun, but a video going viral this week takes the cake in a very good way. Continue reading

Saving a bit more, one week at a time


With the year drawing to a close, thoughts turn to the new year, and inevitably, new year’s resolutions.  I’m not particularly fond of them; I think it’s an arbitrary date that doesn’t spur on real change, but temporary motivation (I’m for sure in that camp).  That said, I’m never going to argue against things that encourage good habits, as long as people stay focused, so if it works for others, fantastic.  One such resolution, which seems to be getting passed around each year around this time, is the 52-week money challenge. Continue reading