The tallest hotel in North America, right around the corner


Pixafy’s office, where I work, is located at 53rd and 7th in New York.  Right down Broadway (which also runs by our office) is a brand new combination Courtyard by Marriott and Residence Inn (the Residence Inn rooms are on the higher floors). It also happens to be the tallest hotel in North America.

Gawker has details about the hotel in a pair of articles that were posted about it when it opened, including one that discusses other tall hotels around the world and what they offer.

It’s impressive how quickly it went up, and it’s a pretty nice looking building – very modern (heavy on the glass, segments shaped and pointed in different directions). Its nearby location to Times Square and Central Park certainly helps its case, and if my own office is any indication, the views in just about any direction have to be gorgeous.

Marriott has been actively adding locations in New York over the past year; a number of new locations have opened up.  I’ve stayed in many of them, and they’re generally quite comfortable.  But this is definitely a centerpiece hotel in a city marked by both new firsts and beautiful architecture.

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