In New York, a building’s forgotten weather beacon


As covered here in the past, New York’s infrastructure is full of history, and the area around my company’s current office also holds a lot of surprises, such as the tallest hotel in North America. But the history of another building within view of our office, seen here when I stayed overnight at that tallest hotel during a winter storm, has a history of its own. Continue reading

High speed fiber in New York still a pipe dream for many


With the infrastructure of New York being as old as it is, it’s probably no surprise that much of it is aging. Indeed, I’ve mentioned here the challenges the city has faced in other areas of that category, but I was a bit surprised, although I’m not sure I should’ve been, to learn that when it comes to wiring the city with modern fiber optics for high-speed internet and the like, challenges persist as well. Continue reading

New York City ain’t getting any younger


New York City’s charm is in part forged by its history, and some of the older elements that march on with time.  However, there’s a flip side to aging infrastructure, and that is that things are still in place long after their intended life, and have an increasing proclivity to breakdown or otherwise have problems. Continue reading