Mission Zero prepares new release, “People in Glass Yachts”


Regular readers of the blog know I’m a big fan of New Haven-based sibling duo Mission Zero, and have been following their path for a couple of years now. Last fall, they announced they were taking a break from performances to work on some new music, and as winter has finally decided to more or less pack it in, comes word that a new EP is coming out in May. Continue reading

Getting into an artist with one song… but which?


When someone recommends you check out an artist, it can be an exercise in frustration if you need to know how to enter their catalog.  A new site in beta by This is My Jam, That One Song, attempts to declutter the situation by using the recommendations of many to define the definitive song. Continue reading

Music updates: Hank & Cupcakes, Strange Talk, Lily Allen, Kylie Minogue


The problem with once daily posting is, despite how hard it is to keep the pace, when things are actually going on, other news can fall behind or updates left out.  So with a hat-tip to my friend Nick over at The Littlest Winslow, let’s focus on music on a Monday, shall we, with some updates to artists I’ve featured here in recent weeks: Continue reading

Hank & Cupcakes debut self-filmed ‘Cocaina’ video


If it hasn’t been clear in the year plus I’ve been blogging, I’m an unabashed fan of Brooklyn duo Hank & Cupcakes.  I’ve been keeping you posted on the progress of their second album, “Cash for Gold,” which has already seen the release of first single “Countdown.” But this week, they released their first music video connected to the album, for the song “Cocaina.” Continue reading

Celebrating 100 posts with Mission Zero!

When I started this blog, I aimed high: Daily posting, building off of a project I had completed at the Connecticut Post. That didn’t really work out, but nonetheless today marks my 100th post, and I’ve managed to get into more of a rhythm this summer, so I’m still pretty happy with how far it’s come. Continue reading

Hank & Cupcakes’ debut pops up on iTunes, but there’s more


Hank & Cupcakes with me last December at a concert in Hartford.

Yesterday, Hank & Cupcakes’ debut album, “Naked,” which first started surfacing via their website and other sources last year, has made its official debut on iTunes, finally bringing a strong set of songs full circle. (I’ve written about them extensively, including about a concert from December and their April release of the “Ain’t No Love” music video.)

The album released this week is the same as what we had previously, so it’d be easy for hardcore fans to be disappointed.  But Hank & Cupcakes rarely fail to superserve their fans, and this time is no exception.

For those of us who already own “Naked,” another release quietly found its way to iTunes as well yesterday: “The B Sides,” which include tracks that they’ve played live over the years.  Finally, their version of “Like a G6” can be purchased, and in a recording-studio quality version at that!  While there are a couple of songs from their songbook I’m still waiting for, this brings us closer.  And while the “B Sides” are largely marginal tracks compared to the superlative songs selected for “Naked” (“Jimmy” is H&C at their most repetitive, which I generally find to be a weakness for them), the songs are as lovingly produced and sound as great as the “Naked” album, meaning hardcore fans will likely find a lot to like here.

If you haven’t heeded the advice to acquire “Naked” yet, it’s gotten a lot easier; be sure to check it out. Meanwhile, the duo are touring this summer, which includes a stop in New Haven in September.