Hank & Cupcakes turn to Kickstarter for tour support


I’ve reported here pretty exhuastively about Hank & Cupcakes’ work in the studio to record second album “Ca$h 4 Gold.” Along with the announcement that they’ve completed the work on that album (yay!), they’re now gearing up to tour, but are seeking fans’ help.

The duo has launched a Kickstarter with a goal of raising enough money to have a more reliable transportation option during the lengthy tour they have planned, a worthy goal if you’re going to be on the road awhile. The Kickstarter video has samples of the music coming up, and it’s incredibly exciting, and some of it gets me even more excited than what we’ve already heard from them, such as “Cocaina” and “Countdown.”

Contributions are being accepted for a few weeks, and hopefully they’ll see the success they’re hoping for to kick this cycle off with a bang!

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