Hank & Cupcakes making ‘Cash for Gold’

Happy Monday everyone!  As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, Hank & Cupcakes recently finished a tour and headed into the studio to work on their second album.  Little bits and pieces have started to come out since then.

One thing Cupcakes confirmed for me at their stop in New Haven was that Halo was on the list of songs they were planning on recording (whether it makes the final cut, of course, remains to be seen).  It has been one of my favorites they’ve performed live and, like “Like a G6” previously, I’ll be happy to purchase once it comes out.

They’ve announced, though, that “Countdown,” which they were performing on the recent tour and seen in the above video, will be the first single on the upcoming album, currently titled “Cash for Gold.”  It’s a compelling tune from within their catalog; I look forward to hearing how it comes out in the studio.  In the meantime, follow their progress on Facebook.

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