Celebrating 100 posts with Mission Zero!

When I started this blog, I aimed high: Daily posting, building off of a project I had completed at the Connecticut Post. That didn’t really work out, but nonetheless today marks my 100th post, and I’ve managed to get into more of a rhythm this summer, so I’m still pretty happy with how far it’s come.

To celebrate, I’m sharing some video I shot at a concert I saw last week at Cafe Nine with two of my favorite bands, Hank & Cupcakes and Mission Zero.  This is the third time they’ve played together, and I was at all three.  Both bands performed new material (Hank & Cupcakes had just announced they were going back into the studio to record a new album), and it was a really good time.

I just got a new phone, so I haven’t had a chance how to figure out how to clean up everything so what’s posted to YouTube is optimal, but the results were too enjoyable not to share, so please bear with me if there’s a bit of audio/video syncing issues, etc.

Embedded in this post are four videos from Mission Zero’s performance. The very top video is their lead-off song, “Heavy Boots,” and the second video is “12345678!,” their newest single.  Both have official videos on Mission Zero’s YouTube channel.

The other two songs are from their album, “Bruises on the Map,” which is available on iTunes as well as Amazon. Above is one of their more upbeat and catchy songs, “Dark and Beautiful,” and below is one of their slower and more haunting songs, “All in All.”  Both are among my favorites.

If you like what you see, be sure to check them out on their Facebook page for upcoming shows as well as new releases!

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    • I’m trying. Still haven’t made it to the daily pace, but I’m managing 10 or so posts per month; could be worse.

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