Amazon Smile lets you support charities through your purchases


I’ve said it here on the blog a few times now: Amazon really seems to have its eye on making experiences superior for customers. Yet one of their more intriguing efforts is something I didn’t know about for nearly six months, until this week: Amazon Smile will donate a small percentage of the money you spend on qualifying items to the charity of your choice.

For many people, like myself, spending on Amazon is inevitable. It’s a great concept for a user to relatively passively be able to contribute to charities, while for Amazon it’s of course a great way to earn further goodwill with its customers.

Eligible products show an Amazon Smile logo. To be able to earn credit, you must select your charity from, and you must use that same link each time you shop for the charity to earn credit.

It’s a couple of simple steps, but does a lot of good, and Amazon should be commended for it.

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