Rare photos show what subways were like in the 1980s


With subway ridership hitting records and with the expansions currently marching towards the finish line with the 7 line and the Second Avenue Subway, it’s hard for many to realize how far from this scenario we could’ve been if the subway kept going down the path it was headed in the 1970s and early 80s. Continue reading

Christmas Present: The Living Sisters’ ‘Kadoka, South Dakota’

Christmas Present

I’ve previously shared my love of The Bird and the Bee, and while their next album is said to finally be coming next year, in the meantime, another project she’s involved with, The Living Sisters, has released a Christmas disc, “Harmony is Real: Songs for a Happy Holiday,” that continues in the tradition of lush harmonies that throw back to an earlier era. Continue reading

YouTube has everything: The Andrews Sisters


I’m going way back with this one, but it’s hard to ignore talent when you see it. Awhile back I shared that video of the Ross Sisters, and I’ve featured the modern group The Puppini Sisters, but I’ve yet to feature one of the most talented (and actual family) groups to perform in the 20th century: The Andrews Sisters. Continue reading

Celebrities who knew how to play the game


Celebrities and game shows have been linked since the beginning. For some shows, celebrities are brought in to liven up ratings (Millionaire and The Weakest Link were guilty of this a decade back, a couple among many). For others, they are a critical component of the game (think Hollywood Squares, where the jokes are what propel the tic-tac-toe game forward). For a third class, the show, and the chemistry within a panel or the star’s ability to play a game well, made the panel celebrities in their own right. Continue reading

Rising sea levels and their effects on communities


In a few short weeks I’ll be making a return trip to Virginia, which I last visited two years ago, to enjoy a few days in the area I first grew up. While a chunk of time will inevitably be spent at Busch Gardens, we’ll also spend time exploring our old neighborhoods in Hampton, Newport News and Poquoson, as well as likely taking a trip over to see Norfolk and Virginia Beach, all areas against the water with beautiful views. Continue reading

YouTube has everything: Fleetwood Mac documentary


I previously shared my giddiness about the “Rumors”-era Fleetwood Mac line-up finally reuniting in full and touring. It’s sparked a round of music sales of the act, and people are definitely paying attention as the group begins recording music and preparing to tour. Yet for almost 20 years Christine McVie wasn’t part of the act, and in 2003 “Say You Will,” the most recent studio album by the four other group members, was released. Continue reading