Is this why every pop song sounds the same?


A couple of months ago I tripped across this article about how pop music is becoming more homogenized. It’s an article that’s been written before, but for some reason the argument gains traction each time it comes around. I meant to write about it at the time, but as I kept thinking about it I kept wondering what the new thought was within the piece, other than it providing more detail about how it works in 2014. Continue reading

Think you’re a heavy drinker? Think again.


Growing up, health classes taught us the definition of binge drinking is someone who drinks five beers or shots in a night. We were discouraged from being a binge drinker, but we all know people who did it at various points. But a new study shows just how much drinking it takes to be in the elite class of truly heavy drinkers. Continue reading

Are you my type? Google hones in on fonts


The roles I’ve held at my current employer has meant that I’ve spent more time than many thinking about fonts over the years. This has meant I’ve looked at fonts from various perspectives, from highway signs to Twitter seeking a slightly more unique look, to even how font selection while printing can save money on ink. But what about usability on small screens? Google’s been working on that problem for some time, using techniques that normally aren’t considered normal. Continue reading

A good hotel can become great with solid Wi-Fi


Awhile back I wrote about the tallest hotel in North America, which is right around the corner from my current office. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to stay there twice. The second time, I had Internet issues, and it turned what was an otherwise comfortable experience into something a bit closer to frustration. Continue reading

YouTube has everything: Lily Tomlin as Ernestine


A recent audio clip of former journalist Ryan Block fighting with Comcast to cancel service has been making the rounds, reminding us of some of the challenges that happen when a company treats customer retention as more important than the customer itself. Continue reading