Christmas Present: Darlene Love’s last Letterman appearance


It’s a holiday tradition, the most recent edition which aired this past week. But no, it’s not “A Charlie Brown Christmas” or anything like that. It’s the annual performance by Darlene Love of “Christmas (Please Come Home)” on David Letterman’s show. Continue reading

Christmas Present: ‘A Very Postmodern Christmas’


Here’s another incredibly fresh release for the Christmas Present pile this year, from a group I’ve been digging heavily throughout this year: Postmodern Jukebox. Continue reading

Christmas Present: The Living Sisters’ ‘Kadoka, South Dakota’

Christmas Present

I’ve previously shared my love of The Bird and the Bee, and while their next album is said to finally be coming next year, in the meantime, another project she’s involved with, The Living Sisters, has released a Christmas disc, “Harmony is Real: Songs for a Happy Holiday,” that continues in the tradition of lush harmonies that throw back to an earlier era. Continue reading

Christmas Present: Enya’s ‘And Winter Came’


Today’s Christmas Present entry takes us to an artist with a more than 25 year history of consistent musical output: Enya. The artist’s music has remained remarkably consistent in sound across multiple albums, but her popularity has remained consistent as well. Continue reading