Bob Barker can still make a game exciting


This week, as with previous years, The Price is Right had a little fun on April 1 for April Fool’s Day. In recent years, they’ve moved beyond “accidents” with prizes and models into more creative territory. This year, while not so much a joke, may have been one of the more fun ideas, however: How about Bob Barker walk out the doors instead of Drew, and play a game with a contestant? Continue reading

YouTube has everything: Missy Elliott dancer Alyson Stoner, all grown up


Alyson Stoner made her name in various ways, but one of the more prominent places she gained a reputation for her awesome dancing is in a number of Missy Elliott videos while still a child. A recent video pays homage to that, and the opportunity given to her by Missy, in a very cool way. Continue reading

YouTube has everything: Parodies of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’


Nicki Minaj certainly stirred up a pot of something when she released “Anaconda” awhile back, but this time out the parody people seem to have gotten it right. Up today are two different takes, one more on the nose and one that’s completely left field but brilliant. Let’s start with the latter. Continue reading