American Express reminds you of recurring charges when replacing your card


One of the more exciting parts about technology for me is the times when a very simple idea proves to be a great help or time saver. It’s something I strive for and teach people regularly at my job, as I think sometimes a very elegant solution implemented in the right spot, however simple it may be, can really bolster a person’s opinion of a business.

A recent example was when I received a replacement American Express card in the mail recently.  When I received the new card, my card number was changed. That means any recurring charges on the card would have to be updated with the new payment information – not necessarily a difficult task, but when you don’t always remember what charges are attached to the card, you either go by your best recollection and cross your fingers, or have to scour bills not just for monthly charges, but annual ones.


American Express did something unexpected, simple and awesome: They sent me an email, listing charges that they believed pointed to potentially recurring charges so I could follow up with those businesses more efficiently.  It saved me time and gave me an important reminder so I could ensure no charges got declined.

The concept is so simple, but the benefit and appreciation of that concept from my end was enormous; it reinforced the good feelings I had about American Express as a brand that cares about me as a customer. Kudos to AmEx.

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